WWE Main Event Results – January 5th, 2023

Dana Brooke vs. Nikki Cross

Match starts off with a lock up and they battle for position in the corner. Nikki Cross pie faces Dana Brooke and talks some trash. She charges, but Brooke moves and gets a knockdown. Another and Brooke starts dancing as Cross begs off in the corner. Brooke takes Cross to another corner and lays in the boots. Snapmare followed by a cartwheel into a boot for a two count.

Cross goes to the hair and throws Brooke into the middle buckle. Running crossbody gets two for Cross. Cross stands on the hair and pulls on Brooke’s arm then Brooke gets a sunset flip for two, but gets slammed down with a hand full of hair. That gets Cross two and she follows with a straitjacket submission.

Brooke rallies and gets a roll up for two. Brooke with a forearm followed by a back elbow. They end up hitting a clothesline on each other to leave both women down. Brooke up first and she runs wild with clothesline. She hits a splash in the corner and drives Cross face first into the mat. Brooke gets a two count but misses a charge in the corner. Cross rakes the eyes and hits her swinging neckbreaker for the win

Winner: Nikki Cross

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