WWE RAW Results – December 27th, 2021

Reggie & Dana Brooke Vs. R-Truth & Tamina

The match begins with R-Truth taking a headlock on Reggie. Truth gets shot off but connects with a shoulder and does some dancing. Truth avoids the drop-down, so Reggie kips-up, flips under a clothesline and hits a back elbow. Reggie and Truth run into each other and both go down. Tamina tags in and superkicks Reggie, so Dana gets the tag.

Brooke lands a flurry of kicks on Tamina, ending with a dropkick and a handspring moonsault. Tamina fights back and takes Brooke’s head off with a back elbow. Truth tags himself in and Tamina is not happy. Dana counters a back suplex and tags Reggie, who hits a rolling wheelbarrow small package for the win.

Winners: Reggie & Dana Brooke Vs. R-Truth & Tamina

After the match, Tamina tries to attack Truth but he does the splits to avoid her and rolls from the ring. She then swings for Reggie but he avoids it, and Dana splashes Tamina before leaving.

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