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Real Name: Ashley Mae Sebera
Born: November 29, 1988
From: Seven Hills, Ohio
Residence: Orlando, Florida
Mini Biography: Ashley Mae Sebera (born November 29, 1988) is an American professional wrestler, bodybuilder, gymnast, fitness competitor, and model. She is signed to WWE, where she performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Dana Brooke.

After working as an athlete for over 18 years, she quit doing gymnastics after severely injuring her ankles and started into bodybuilding and fitness competition. In early 2011, Sebera graduated from Kent State University (KSU), earning a major degree of fashion, merchandising and design, and a minor degree of business administration.

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WWE RAW Results – January 24th, 2022
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Rhea Ripley cut a promo earlier today in which she said she has a score to settle with Nikki A.S.H but right now she’s focused on the Royal Rumble. She will do anything it takes to win it. Dana Brooke then cuts a similar promo. Liv Morgan is next and she says everyone saw her nearly become Champion, but at Royal Rumble there will be no nearly.

Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Liv Morgan Vs Nikki A.S.H, Tamina, & Carmella

Tamina starts with Brooke and drops her with a clothesline. Tamina lands some ground-and-pound, then goes to a submission. Brooke fights up and makes it to her corner. Ripley tags in and dropkicks Tamina, then knocks Carmella and Nikki off the apron. Ripley hits Tamina with some short-arm clotheslines, then a ripcord headbutt.

Rhea hits a dropkick, then a kick to the gut and a fisherman suplex for a near-fall. Carmella runs in and kicks RIpley, then Morgan dropkicks her, Nikki runs in and hits her, Dana knocks her from the ring, and Tamina drops Brooke. Carmella then tags in and looks to jump on a downed Ripley but Rhea grabs her with the Prism Trap and Carmella quickly taps out.

Winners: Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Liv Morgan

WWE RAW Results – January 17th, 2022
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Reggie and Dana Brooke are backstage with Edge and Beth Phoenix. Edge says Reggie can do things he can’t even wrap his mind around. Reggie asks if he has a chance tonight against Omos and Edge laughs and says “Hell no” but wishes him luck. Beth congratulates Dana on her title run and she thanks her. Edge and Beth then run into Damian Priest, who says it’s great to see them and that he sometimes feels a little edgy.

We see Dana Brooke and Reggie backstage, preparing for his upcoming match with Omos. Behind them a referee, Tamina, Akira Tozawa and R-Truth appear eating popcorn. Reggie isn’t confident and scared of Omos but Dana tells him to stay away from Omos and he’ll be fine. They walk off and Truth says Dana just told Reggie to go get got.

Omos Vs. Reginal (w/Dana Brooke)

As the match starts, Tozawa, Truth and Tamina rush down and chases Dana Brooke through the ring and back out. Reggie jumps on a distracted Omos but gets caught and choke bombed. Foot on the chest.

Winner: Omos

WWE RAW Results – January 10th, 2022
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Dana Brooke and Reggie are backstage eating cheesesteaks but Reggie says something feels off. He makes them leave but R-Truth appears with a trash can so they go the opposite way and run into a referee. Akira Tozawa pops-out of R-Truth’s bin and they throw the cheesesteaks but he ducks them and they run off. Tamina appears covered in cheesesteak and flips out.

We see Omos walking backstage but Reggie runs into him and falls over. Omos lifts Reggie up against the wall and berates him until Dana Brooke tells him to leave him be. Omos drops Reggie and tells him he’s going to do far worse. Omos then makes his entrance to the ring.

WWE RAW Results – January 3rd, 2022
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Akira Tozawa and Tamina are in the ring for a mixed tag match. Dana Brooke and Reginald make their entrance and we see promos for other matches coming tonight.

WWE 24/7 Championship: Akira Tozawa & Tamina Vs Reginald & Dana Brooke

Reggie and Tozawa start this match where, if Dana Brooke gets pinned she loses the title. Akira dodges Reggie and hits him. He looks for a suplex but Reggie lands on his feet and hits a dropkick. Tozawa runs to kick Reggie in the corner but he dodges it and he hits Tamina! Furious, Tamina hits Tozawa, then Reggie jumps on him for the pinfall.

Reginald & Dana Brooke

WWE RAW Results – December 27th, 2021
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Reggie & Dana Brooke Vs. R-Truth & Tamina

The match begins with R-Truth taking a headlock on Reggie. Truth gets shot off but connects with a shoulder and does some dancing. Truth avoids the drop-down, so Reggie kips-up, flips under a clothesline and hits a back elbow. Reggie and Truth run into each other and both go down. Tamina tags in and superkicks Reggie, so Dana gets the tag.

Brooke lands a flurry of kicks on Tamina, ending with a dropkick and a handspring moonsault. Tamina fights back and takes Brooke’s head off with a back elbow. Truth tags himself in and Tamina is not happy. Dana counters a back suplex and tags Reggie, who hits a rolling wheelbarrow small package for the win.

Winners: Reggie & Dana Brooke Vs. R-Truth & Tamina

After the match, Tamina tries to attack Truth but he does the splits to avoid her and rolls from the ring. She then swings for Reggie but he avoids it, and Dana splashes Tamina before leaving.

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WWE RAW Results – December 20th, 2021
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We see Reggie and Dana Brooke earlier today at a Christmas display. Tamina, Akita Tozawa and R-Truth are all there and Tamina attacks Dana. They fight inside a bunch of hanging lights, then Dana and Reggie escape.

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WWE RAW Results – December 13th, 2021
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We see Dana Brooke and Reggie walking around a town earlier today. Reggie asks Dana on a date for some hot chocolate. She agrees and then R-Truth and Akira Tozawa appear disguised as a tree and a snowman. Reggie holds them off while Dana runs away. Dana runs into Tamina who grabs her. She fights off and both her and Reggie flip over a snow bank and disappear. Tamina yells at Truth and Tozawa to stay out of her way.

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